The Diamond Doppelganger

I recently read that a Dublin City University student Niamh Geaney had started a campaign to find the “twins” of strangers on Facebook after discovering her own doppelganger through the social media site in only 16 days.

I understand Math and variables well enough to know that the odds of ever finding and meeting my doppelganger are pretty slim.

The idea however, is so fascinating to me. Another me… maybe she is a more efficient gal… maybe she has a higher metabolism… maybe she is the fearless type…Maybe she is way HOTTER. Part of me is already jealous of her… assuming she would be my perceived “perfect” version.


Many of you know that I am a forth generation jeweler. I am not only a jeweler, but I am a woman… and there are a couple of people in this world that know me well enough to know how my mind works. (Poor souls) Some of the simplest of thoughts I have had ended up taking me on some wild journeys. So, it isn’t so surprising that my thoughts of doppelgangers and their existence ended up with me somehow relating this to Diamonds. Diamonds are a lot like people… finding two that are the same is nearly impossible. What would be the equivalent to finding your doppelganger in the “Diamond World”? The same shape, measurements, same clarity, same color, similar vicinity of characteristics?… Maybe. Sounds like a lot of searching and still maybe never finding “the one”. That must be how Moissanites came to be. The created Diamond Doppelganger! The perfect version of a diamond in any shape or size. It has similar hardness and it even tests just like a diamond. And here is the bonus… it’s less expensive. (Oh! Maybe my doppelganger is less expensive!!! Hahaha)


My thought is this. I think that the idea of finding a look alike… maybe even an act alike is cool. But at the end of the day, no one could ever replace everything that makes me “me” or you “you” or a diamond “a diamond”.


P.S. Moissanites are super cool and they wear extremely well. Visit our website and check them out for yourself!

Happy Shopping! xoxo-K




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