Right Ring, Wrong Time



I hate waiting. The only thing I hate more than waiting is not knowing. Yes, I am a control freak… I’ll admit it… I want everything done right and done now AND I would like to be in the loop about the entire process at all times.

Surprises are overrated. Suspense is unnecessary. Just tell me how the story ends already! I will spook like a horse in a snake pit if I am given enough time to think.


That is probably why I relate so closely with the character that Julia Roberts plays in the movie Runaway Bride. It isn’t the fear of the unknown alone that does her in… it’s the unknown in combination with time to think that makes her run. I mean, there have been plenty of times that I have been able to go forward with a chancy endeavor handling myself with speed, authority, and fearlessness. I have been able to look back and think to myself “I am really glad I didn’t have time to think about that or I might have not done it!” And then, there have been plenty of times that I have looked back and kicked myself for not taking the time to think things through.


It makes me wonder… As a girl that has never felt like WAITING when making decisions… Is it better to just FLOOR IT and risk it all or RUN AWAY from the possibility of disaster?


I know this Wonderful Woman named, Diana, and she is very conservative when it comes to spending money. You know the type… She looks and looks and LOOKS for the perfect thing at the perfect price in the perfect store and then sleeps on it before buying.

Well, on one of our girl days, we were walking around this little jewelry store with no intention to buy anything and then BAM! Out of NOWHERE… the perfect ring at the perfect store stopped her in her tracks. It was way more than she could afford. So, she said to the salesperson “I have to think about it.” Then she said to me, “If it is here when I come back it was meant to be.”

I couldn’t believe she was “thinking about it”! What was there to think about?… Just buy it already!!!

But, not Diana… She knew it would take a while to save that kind of money. So, she decided to wait. Every time she sees a ring online or in a magazine, she compares it to “the ring” that she couldn’t afford. No other ring will ever come close according to her. She goes to sleep thinking about that ring… she dreams every night about that ring… she wakes up and the first thing she thinks about is that ring… every love song reminds her of that ring. Okay… maybe not ALL of that over a ring… but you get the drift. Undoubtedly, she has found herself in a purgatory of sorts. It’s more of a torture chamber rather than a purgatory in my opinion. She, on the other hand, is convinced that a ring as amazing as this one shouldn’t be tainted by debt or loan. She says there will be greater joy wearing it because she is working hard to be able to purchase it free and clear… even if the process is painful. (I’m thinking the ring could be out of style by the time she saves the money for it!)

All joking aside…I have to admit, I get it. Sure, the ring might be gone by the time she has saved her money. But, if it by some miracle it is still there…she will be able to wear it knowing she did things the right way.

So, maybe there is a third option after all…waiting!


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