Can’t Get You Outta My Head

I am a late 80’s…early 90’s girl. The kind of memories that come rushing back when I smell AquaNet hairspray, or see Liz Claiborne perfume in the primary colored triangle bottles, or hear “Open Arms” –Journey… it takes me to a different place in time. I smell AquaNet hairspray and I am immersed with memories of my high school best friend Mandi. I remember getting ready to go out with friends when I see a bottle of Liz, and when “Open Arms” plays on the radio, I remember the butterflies I felt being hand-in-hand with Sabin Esquibel while skating around the rink. It’s funny how these triggers can literally transport us back in time. Our mind and our heart are undeniably connected in such a powerful way. We can’t experience things of the heart without stretching our mind… changing it forever.


Jewelry has that triggering affect on the relationship between our heart and our mind. There is almost always a memory that is associated with a piece of jewelry. The vacation spot you were in and how in love you were when he bought you that necklace… the struggle you were going through and how much support you felt when your sister gave you that bracelet… the amazing woman your grandmother was as you slip on the ring she wore for 50 years.


The point is this… It isn’t very often that we get to impact someone else’s forever. Creating a piece of jewelry that symbolizes a place in time, a memory, and an emotion… now that is a gift that will keep on giving… sometimes when you least expect it to… and sometimes when you need it the most. xoxo-K

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